After announcing online that it would not be opening for this season, it turns out Lasker Rink might not be out of ice yet. The NY Times reports, "[T]he parks department said on Saturday that it would try to make repairs so that it could reopen at some point this winter."

Lasker Rink, located at Lenox Avenue and 110th Street, is run by Wolman Rink Operations, a.k.a the Trump Organization and had announced, "The City engineers have been through our facility and realized the refrigeration plant must be replaced." The outcry from the numerous ice skating and hockey schools, as well as regulars patrons, prompted another look. From the Times:

[O]n Saturday evening, the parks department said in a statement that it would attempt to fix the rink’s concrete slab and valves to identify and repair the source of a leak “in the hope of reopening the rink to the public later this season.”

“In the meantime, the Trump Organization, along with NYC Parks, will work with the community and other area rinks to try to accommodate hockey and skating groups who call Lasker Rink home,” the statement added. “Refunds will also be issued to any organizations who reserved and paid for use of the rink during the time that it will be closed.”

There's no information about the closing or repairs on Lasker's website.