Sad news for winter skaters: Central Park's Lasker Rink will not open for the 2014-2015 ice-skating season.

NY1 spotted a notice on the rink's Facebook page this morning announcing that the rink would remain closed this winter for repairs. According to the rink's website, "The City engineers have been through our facility and realized the refrigeration plant must be replaced."

Lasker Rink is home to a number of hockey leagues and skate schools, including the Ice Hockey in Harlem non-profit, which was supposed to open its season on November 3rd. They've since canceled all practices, and are hoping to relocate for the year. "I just want to convey that it’s much more than just a loss of some entertainment on a Wednesday or Friday evening, but really a community resource for these families," Brad Preston, one of the group's program managers, told CBS 2.

NY1's Pat Kiernan blogged about the rink closure today, voicing frustration over the fact that the rink can't be repaired at all this season:

If the technology exists to set up a temporary rink in Bryant Park every year, I'd be surprised that there isn't some sort of portable ice plant available to get these two popular rinks back up for the winter. Lasker's managers at the Trump Organization and city Parks officials shouldn't be so quick to dismiss the entire winter.

NY1 says some groups are making their way to rinks upstate for practices. Manhattan's other city-run skate rinks, the Wollman Rink and the Bryant Park rink, opened last month.