Have you been to L.A.? Everyone there lives in bungalows surrounded by succulents and cacti that encircle statues of Joni Mitchell, according to people who are in L.A. and running highly curated Instagram accounts meant to make their friends in NYC feel like they made the wrong choices in life. But now we're getting a little piece of the SoCal (they hate that name!) action.

L.A.'s hottest cactus shop (judge not, lest you be judged—we had an entire artisanal mayonnaise store), has opened a pop-up in Chinatown.

Owner Max Martin told Gothamist, "The opportunity to have a store not just in Manhattan, but in a greenhouse we designed was too good to pass up. We’ve all lived in New York and were thrilled to be able to showcase these amazing plants here on our terms." The greenhouse will be temporary, running through November out of 5 Essex, but Martin tells us they are open to a longer term scenario.

Can New Yorkers even keep a cactus alive, though? We don't have that sweet L.A. glow beaming through our cramped apartment windows.

Martin says a tiny apartment is fine, but "dark... not so much. Cactus need light, so to have them thrive indoors they need to be on a windowsill (not on a table a few feet away) in the brightest window in your apartment."

WIndowsill? Light? If you have these luxuries, Martin says you'll just need to add water—"Generally we say a good soaking twice a month in the spring and summer, and once a month or less in the winter." Then Instagram it and pretend you're at Joshua Tree.