Earlier this year, there were rumors that beloved kvetsh Larry David had been working on a new play (possibly involving Jerry Seinfeld)— and unlike the somewhat disappointing, much-rumored Seinfeld Super Bowl commercial reunion, it seems Larry made good on his evasiveness about the project. David confirmed to the Times today that he'll make his Broadway debut this winter in his first play, "Fish in the Dark." And he'll be playing "somebody very similar to Larry David—it might even be Larry David with a different name."

The rumors, which were first reported by Showbiz411, claimed the play was called "Shiva," aka the Jewish period of mourning. The title might not have been right, but it sounds like that's the concept: the play is a comedy about a death in a family, with about 15 characters, and was inspired by the death of a friend’s father. “I thought it would be pretty cool to write a play someday," he told the Times. "I didn’t think it’d be pretty cool to be in it. It’s not like I would go to the theater and look up on stage and say, ‘I could be in that.’ I didn’t thinking of myself playing the character, but of course I write characters very close to me.”

David noted that he hasn't been in a play "since the eighth grade, when I did ‘Charley’s Aunt.’ I seem to remember wearing a dress. That’s it. And I’m not even really an actor. But I’m still sleeping at night, and I hope that continues." He also said he wasn't planning on starring in it, but was convinced by producer Scott Rudin. "I didn’t really want to do it, but, I mean, do you know Scott? He’s a very persuasive fellow, and I give him a lot of credit for that," he added.

The play will be directed by Tony Award-winner Anna D. Shapiro, and will officially open on March 5th; no other cast announcements have been made yet. David, whose last project was the HBO film Clear History, may not have appeared on Broadway in real life, but he did in the fourth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, in a hilarious production of The Producers which you can watch below. Let's hope Larry remember his lines this time.

As for another season of Curb, it sounds pretty likely, if not an immediate priority for David: "I’m not going to mentally do that to myself right now," he said of making a decision about a new season. “But if I did do another season, this play would push that schedule back." All in all, this all sounds pretty, pretty, pretty good to us.