Larry David is making another movie (who could forget 1998's Sour Grapes?) and the potential cast alone for the shrouded-in-mystery project should get you pumped: David, Michael Keaton and Jon Hamm are attached. Oh, and Superbad (and, sadly, The Newsroom) director Greg Mottola is directing. But don't go ordering your tickets online just yet.

Though for a bit there it looked like the movie was going to be headed to the big screen, that no longer seems likely. According to the LA Times, the project appears now to be moving to David's longtime television home, HBO, which was offering more cash than Fox Searchlight (where the project started). Not that there is anything wrong with TV movies! Still, it would have been nice to see David—who people loved as Sister Mary-Mengele in The Three Stooges—on the big screen again. Though he's certainly not your average matinee idol he does make us laugh.

Meanwhile, if you've been craving more Larry David since the last season of Curb ended, no problem: why not watch him go and get coffee with Jerry Seinfeld?