The easiest way to seem cruel cruel cruel? Evict the dog who helped cheer up a depressed 7 year-old girl. The Daily News goes to town with the story of Allison Shur, now 9 years old, whose dog Lada is at the center of a two-year fight between Shur's mother, Ilona, and the landlords at Contello Towers in Bensonhurst. The building has always had a very clear no-dogs-allowed policy, but when Shur's therapist suggested a pet would help Allison out of the doldrums caused by moving from Bay Ridge. And terrier Lada did do the trick; Allison told the Daily News, "She's my best friend. Friends at school leave on vacations and on trips, but Lada's here forever with me now."

So far, the Shurs won permission from the city to keep the dog, but recently a Supreme Court judge said that pet was not medically necessary. Contello Towers is standing firm, saying, "It we allow one pet, it opens the floodgates..."Someone with a weak claim like this - 'I don't feel well, so I need a dog' - it lends itself to too much mischief, people feigning illnesses to keep a dog." This brings up an interesting dilemma. Sometimes pets are grandfathered into leases if the pets aren't detected immediately (as the Daily News notes in this article), but Ilona Shur bought a dog, versus a cat which probably would have been allowed. Still, Gothamist feels that with enough pressure from the Daily News' readership, little Allison will be able to keep her best friend.

Here's the city's Department of Housing information site. The City Council was looking into these no-pet clauses in the summer. Some condos are cracking down on dog ownership and residents in Stuyvesant Town aren't allowed to have cats or dogs. How does your apartment feel about your pet?

Photo from Daily News