Last year we met a woman living in a 90-square-foot apartment (which is palatial compared to the guy in the 78-square-foot one), but it appears that all of her publicity may have been a bad thing, as her landlord tried to raise her rent soon after. According to the NY Post, Felice Cohen—who had been paying $700/month for the Upper West Side pad—was illegally subletting, and her landlord tried to raise the rent when he found out.

Cohen, having saved so much money living in the tight space over the past five years, has now moved out to a 500-square-foot apartment. As for her old pad? She says, "Now my landlord said he will renovate the space and up the rent to $1,200." Anyone looking for a challenge, there's about to be a 90-square-foot apartment on the market! Assuming her landlord doesn't add any more square feet during the renovation process.