Jen Carlson/Gothamist

Following yesterday's front page accusation that Lady Gaga (formerly Stefani Germanotta) stole the late Lina Morgana's image, style and persona... the Fame Monster is putting gag orders on everyone around her. Perhaps not wanting to add fuel to the Single White Female fire, she even had her own fan message boards shut down when someone posted the story there yesterday.

To recap: Lina and Stefani worked on songs together for Lina's release (which are now often getting attributed to Lady Gaga, since they were never commercially released). Lina then killed herself by jumping off of a building on Staten Island, and shortly after Stefani emerged as Lady Gaga—some claiming that she even adopted Lina's tragic and tough life story, which was probably more marketable than her own upper class, Manhattan-raised, private school-educated upbringing.

The NY Post reports today that Morgana's mother, Yana, says "she was desperately trying to secure the rights to release the dozen or so songs Lina had recorded with Gaga before she committed suicide." While she isn't planning to file a lawsuit, she would like for Gaga to give credit where credit is due. As someone posted on the message board before it went down yesterday, "The problem is Lina Morgana is not getting credit for this song." La la la, Gaga's not hearing it!