In 2004 Lady Gaga (then better known as Stefani Germanotta) graduated from the Convent of the Sacred Heart on East 91st Street at 5th Avenue. She once told NY Mag of the private all-girls school (where students had to wear uniforms), “We were good girls, but we weren’t nerdy like the girls at Chapin. We were the girls that guys still wanted to date junior year of high school, because we hadn’t had sex or given blow jobs yet.”

Long gone are the good girl days, however, and today the NY Post reports that Gaga went back to her alma mater this week to attend her sister Natali's graduation.

Despite it being her big day, the superstar's sister wasn't the one in the spotlight—Gaga showed up in see-through pants, those chopine-esque shoes, and a beekeeper hat. She then took the opportunity to perform a special show for the grads... or rather, a musical "F U" to the school she hated so much.

The paper notes that she was an outcast because of her "driving ambition," and a source told them, "Part of going to the graduation in that outfit was her showing the bullies that she has emerged like a swan, she has made something of her life and has found the freedom to express her creativity."