Is Lady Gaga a kleptomaniac? Earlier this year, the pop superstar was accused of stealing her dead friend's style, and now actress Alex Stebbins says she stole her boyfriend.

According to the NY Post, 29-year-old New York bartender/musician Luc Carl was actually Gaga's man first, but they broke up and Stebbins stepped in. Now the actress explains to the paper, "She can literally have anything she wants, and I had the one thing she couldn't have, and that made her want it more. I wasn't going to go toe to toe with Lady Gaga, because that's like fighting Jesus."

Allegedly Gaga showed up at the couple's Carroll Gardens apartment, and begged her former fling to come back. He agreed, and next thing you know the two are drunk at a Mets game together. According to Stebbins, however, the two have had problems in the past; according to her, Carl said Gaga would "pick at him for anything, and he couldn't take it. He said she was a very jealous person." Hmm, maybe that finger was meant for Stebbins.