First Old Navy tried to ruin the Kardashian's line at Sears by using a Kim look-a-like for the latest campaign, and now a Chicago company is tainting Lady Gaga's name with their "Lady Gaga by Design" line.

The performer has nothing to do with the jewelry and cosmetics line that is using her name, and filed a lawsuit in Manhattan yesterday. The company, Excite Worldwide, is selling Gaga candles, key chains, bags, towels, lanyards, tattoos, wigs, and ornaments, according to the Daily News.

She says the company is blocking her own marketing efforts for her company Ate My Heart, Inc. Maybe she's aiming to bag her own line at Target or H&M?

In the meantime, the real worry here is that Gaga's heart is in danger of being broken by her new man Taylor Kinney! Aka: this guy.