Where's the animated siren gif when you need it: Avoid Rockefeller Plaza this morning! You'd think Justin Bieber were in town or something. But the record-breaking Today show crowd has congregated for Lady Gaga, who will be performing later this morning.

Last night the megastar Twittered: "My little monster sweeties are already camped outside today show! I love u! Will be sending u pizza and water all day! And a surprise 2moro!"

Well surprise! Your little monsters are passing out and being rushed to the emergency room! This just in over the scanner, "EMS is going to be transporting a 14 year old and a 22 year old. One is reprted to be suffering from heat exhaustion and the other is a cardiac patient." And the final line: "Lady Gaga is performing today."

Her show starts at 8:30 a.m., so be careful out there—if these monsters don't kill themselves, they'll kill you. And we'll be updating it all, all morning long...