2005_03_ladybunnyint.jpgLady Bunny is NOT a leftover from the Easter holiday but Lady Bunny does it all. She is a comedienne, singer, a DJ, and most notably the hostess of Wigstock, the annual drag and music festival.

The Basics.
Astrological Sign. Leo. Meow!

Day job.

Bad habit.
My good habits might make a shorter list.

How long have you graced New York with your presence? Where are you from and where do you live now?
I move here from Atlanta (where I was Rupaul's roommate--the bitch still owes me $10!) in 1984. I grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and after Bush's re-election, I'm very ashamed of my peeps. I've lived in Greenwich Village for over 10 years now and will never,
EVER leave NYC. It's changed a lot, but it's still pretty extreme. Plus I can't drive so I need to live in the middle of a huge, pulsating metropolis. I'm a thrill-seeker, baby!

A few for you.
How did Wigstock come about?
Hard drinking was the main inspiration. A bunch of drag queens were boozin' until the Pyramid closed and then staggered over to Tompkins Square Park to clown on the bandshell for an audience of few homeless. It was very easy to get a permit for the park at that time ($25 registration fee, I think) and I thought that with all the diverse talent of the Pyramid (drag, rock, theater) I could put on a better show than the punk bands who "jammed" all day on ear-splitting 45 minute songs almost every weekend. (I complained about it then but now I miss the grittiness of the old East Village when artists and musicians could still afford to live there--now there are clubs with velvet ropes on Avenue C! )We started very small with a few hundred on-lookers but the formula worked with each performer doing a short routine. The festival outgrew the park and moved to the Piers. Now we are back in Tompkins Square in an abbreviated 2 hour format. After 20-odd (very odd!) years, the old 8-hour format was a little tough on "Lady Bunion"! There is actually an interesting year-by-year history on Wigstock and I just put posters from almost every year and my performance from Wigstock 2003 is on my site, Lady Bunny.

Urban legend tells us that it's not a PARTY until someone hooks up, gets wasted or starts a fight. As an expert, could you tell us what makes a party HOT?
You don't have to go to a club to hook up in NYC. The
streets are where all the "action" is! Or am I just trash--don't answer that! I think great music makes a party. I never gave it that much thought because it seemed like club music through the late 80's and 90's was generally good wherever you went. I hate this techno pots and pans shit that's so prevalent now. But obviously many people go to clubs to hook up and if you get laid then perhaps you don't feel you've wasted your money on that rotten bottle service and cover charge if you "score". Before Giuliani, sex inside the clubs was very common--but the increased scrutiny on drugs put a damper on this with cameras in bathroom stalls, etc. Michael Alig, the axe-murdering club-kid uber-promoter, had a particularly sexual vibe at his
parties since he really mixed uptown with downtown and straight with gay with freak. So going out was a bit more like an adventure. You didn't know who you might meet.

Some people think starting a fight makes a party hot?
Not gay people. Well, gay men, anyway. Dykes can be a little more boisterous. I was working at Spa a couple years ago and came in to find the security covered with bandages. Apparently, there was a "brawl" a few nights before on New Year's Eve. I don't exactly comprehend the concept of a brawl. If I see people fighting,
my last impulse is to join in, no matter how bombed I am. Those wacky

Who would you stalk if you were guaranteed NOT to get caught?
Kobe Bryant. I like it rough so I wouldn't even sue him! And maybe he could pay for my plastic surgery like he did his wife's!

If you could have a New York City neighborhood renamed after you which one would it be?
The Holland Tunnel. Any guesses why?

In your opinion, what fashion trend is the year's UGG boot?
UGH! Actually, I think fashion itself has gone out of fashion. With today's withered economy and Bush trying to rob us of our social security, who can afford to spend $500 on a purse which will be out of style next year? Not that I ever could...

What's the best place in New York for semi-public sex?
In my foyer! Come on over! Uh, send a pic first--actually, don't bother! Just come! I guess some semi-public sex still goes on in clubs. I dj'ed in the lounge at the opening of Crobar and the booth is completely hidden from view...just call me the dj with the bj! Afterwards, I remembered that the video feed was broadcasting me onto a huge screen in the entrance room. Look out Paris!

What's the most unusual thing that you smuggled into a nightclub?
A dildo. I brought it as a joke to an Xmas toy drive at Club Spirit last year. Don't worry, I cleaned it first!

What makes your mouth water?
From that last answer to food--YIKES! Murray's Bagel's pumpernickel bagel with lettuce and shrimp salad or Chelsea Thai's pad thai.

If you could have dinner with three famous New Yorkers, who would they be?
Iman, who I've met and thought was so much fun and such a goddess, and Ashford and Simpson whose heavenly, underrated music I adore.