Dating in NYC is no fun, with many single folk forced to rely on online matchmaking sites, the dreaded Tinder or one's preferred video-streaming services to keep from feeling the dark depths of loneliness. But one man wants to find a lady the old-fashioned way—by sticking up want-ad posters all over the city. Dan Smith will teach you guitar, but Dan Perino will teach you to love.

A tipster spotted one of the posters on a pole yesterday, and according to CBS 2, they're the work of the aforementioned Perino, a 50-year-old "professional artist and creative person" who's merely out to find his soulmate. "I’m not desperate," Perino told the station. "This is a better way to meet women. I want to find a more meaningful relationship."

Well, they say honesty's the key to any good relationship after all, and the posters are emblazoned with a very accurate headshot, which is far more honesty than you're going to get on OK Cupid. Perino, who claims he's just looking for "an average woman that likes to do the same things that I do." And he's feeling lucky: "Within a week, I’ll have a girlfriend," he said.

See if you can snag him before he's wifed up, females. Of course, if you're looking for something a little less serious, there's always this guy.