Men, are you sick and tired of having to pay full price for drinks on Tuesday nights when the gals around you get to as many Kamikaze shots as they want for $20? Well, it looks like you'll have to endure. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals rejected claims by Roy Den Hollander that ladies' night drink specials around the city infringe on men's civil rights because the bars charge men more for admission or drinks. The court ruled that Hollander was unable to prove clubs like China Club, Lotus and Sol broke discrimination laws by attracting ladies with cheaper drinks.

Hollander was outraged with the ruling, saying it justified a slippery slope for charging against any group whatever they want on any night. "It does not matter whether the nightclubs charge males or females or blacks or Latins or any other identifiable group more for admission—it is now constitutional," he said. "It’s either a decision driven by feminist ideology or the Second Circuit decided to punt the case to the U.S. Supreme Court." The judge also said he painted "a picture of a bleak future, where 'none other than what's left of the Wall Street moguls' will be able to afford to attend nightclubs." As far as we can tell, that day is here.

So, should women get preferential treatment, or do they need to be put in their place and pay full price for drinks like the men they've kept down for so long?