Okay, red-blooded male Gothamist readers who are seeking girls who laugh, like the snark, and are interested in the direction this country is going in: It seems the part of the code has been cracked on how to meet lovely ladies in a place that isn't a bar or a comedy club. You need to go to events where Jon Stewart is present. Eric at State of the Art went to Stewart's book signing and writes:

I have to say that the ladies really do love John Stewart. There were some very attractive females in line and you could, quite frankly, cut the sexual tension with a knife. It was hot. They were hot. John Stewart was hot.

He also took this fetching picture of a girl who, like many we know, thinks of Jon Stewart as her secret boyfriend.

You can read excerpts of America (The Book) at the Daily Show website. Gothamist on Stewart's attitudes towards blogs.