200803mustogusto.jpgLast month we all got to see Lindsay Lohan play dress up for NY Mag as she posed as Marilyn Monroe. Michael Musto wasn't about to let her steal the show though, he's now topped the troubled tart by posing as Lindsay posing as Marilyn. He tells his loyal readers how he prepared for his own "Last Sitting":

The slinky Lindsay said she did 250 crunches the night before her shoot. Well, I did 250 Nestlé Crunches. Lindsay watched Niagara in early preparation for her Marilyn awakening. Well, I was considering Viagra...

When it came time to break for lunch, the makeup lady—who cutely called me "Lindsay" all day—said, "You'd better order something, Lindsay. You don't want to be like those Hollywood stars." Yes, I do! But I still sent out for a turkey sandwich with gravy, mashed potatoes, and a side of tomatoes.

His photo slideshow is accompanied by an essay in which he mouths off about bimbettes, blondes and living in the nude.