Before there was Google Glass,

before there were iPods,

before there was Beats by Dre,

before there was livestreaming,

before there were DVDs,

before there were Blackberrys,

before there were Palm Pilots,

before there were Motorola Razrs,

before there were MP3 players,

before there were Sony Playstations,

before there were mini disc players,

before there was the World Wide Web,

there was this guy. This was taken on the L on June 10, 2015 or it was taken on June 10, 1987. Was he sent here from the past to demonstrate good subway etiquette? (No sound on his Virtual Reality Gaming Device, no manspread?) Was he sent to tell us to be excellent to each other? To party on, dudes? Or was he just sent here from New Zealand to test out this absurd looking Samsung Thing?

Let's choose to believe the former. Be excellent to each other. Party on, dudes.