kharris.jpgThe 4-1-1.
Astrological Sign.
GEMINI baby! And we like it that way.

Bad habit/Day job.
Tardiness (but as I continue to work on it I am getting much better)/Food Curator of a personalized food service business called SCHOP!

Where did you grow up and where do you live now?
Harlem USA…then, now and forever!

One for You.
It’s holiday party time, and you’re hosting an elegant dinner party. What are some tips for having a successful party?
A. Call SCHOP! and ask for The Entertainer Package…done! You’ll be a star!
B.First, know your limitations so you can also enjoy your evening with your friends and then plan accordingly. Don’t plan on Osso Bucco when you can barely roast a chicken. Do as much as you can in advance. Invite interesting people who are open to meeting others and having a different kind of experience add low lights/candle light, create a cornucopia of audible delights on your iPod/iTunes, encourage scintillating conversation and have plenty of good food and wine and it will be an evening you will not forget.
C.or you can just go with option A.

What are three items that you always keep in your kitchen pantry?
Tuna fish, couscous and nuts/seeds.

Other than world peace, what do you want for Christmas?
Marc Jacobs Stella bag in peacock, digital video camera, digital camera, a new iPod, FRESH Sugar Blossom perfume…and, oh yes, more wonderful SCHOP!clientele.

What is your favorite dessert or high-carb indulgence?
Panna Cotta with a berry coulis, ice cream (chocolate, coffee, mint chocolate chip) and anything that marries bananas and dark chocolate.

If you could have a New York City neighborhood renamed after you which one would it be?
Harlem or the Upper Westside

Have you been naughty or nice this year?
Depends on who is asking…woof!

What’s the most outrageous thing you have smuggled into a bar or movie theatre?
Chinese food and a fake ID.

What's the one thing you miss whenever you leave New York?
The creative energy of the city and the logic of the mass transit system.

You’ve been asked to host a holiday party and the only requirement is that you must invite three New York celebrities (alive), who would you extend an invite to?
Robert Deniro, Conan O’BRI-yen, Gordon Parks

If you could revoke a famous New Yorker's citizenship, who would it be?
Rudy Giuliani