Musician, lives in Brooklyn, 31. Originally from Brooklyn. Father of one. I ride the MTA and NJ transit.


You are an emerging artist. Everything must be changing really fast for you. How are you and the other members of TV on the Radio coping with that?
Encountering a lot more open doors, a lot more weird vibes. Seeing how there are no guarantees I?m just trying to focus of the positive aspects of what?s happening right now. I can?t really speak for the rest of the band, but the fact that we still exist as a band is maybe a testament to the fact that we are for the most part taking it in stride. It?s a very nice thing to get positive attention for work one produces, particularly when the said work was never made with the expectation that it would get much attention.

Do you feel famous?
I have been a gregarious and social person for most of my life, and I?ve always seemed to know a lot of people. With the amount of hype and exposure we?ve received, which actually is small compared to what people on majors have to deal with, the amount of people I feel obliged to hear out their appreciation or critics or just "are you that guy from that? " has been a little unsettling lately. Particularly if I?m in a bad mood or stressed or involved in a conversation with a friend who I haven?t seen because I?ve been touring or recording. It gets annoying, but I feel like I should be gracious. And it?s the nature of the beast that it could all go away very quickly.

Tell us about the afro.
I don?t have an afro. I wear my hair in a style called a natural. It?s what happens if you're black and you grow your hair long and don?t process it or braid it , I recommend it to anyone who has the genetic ability to rock it. It is a good barometer of who I need to take seriously in regards to their reaction towards it. It?s just fucking hair.

Who is your favorite New Yorker and why?
It?s a toss up between James Baldwin and Anna Grace. Two artists, one?s alive, one?s dead. Both make me feel like I?m not crazy or alone in this world. It?s difficult to stay commited to doing creative work in this society, especially if one is coming from a marginalized community or going against the grain. James Baldwin left well before I was conscious and Anna has been out of town registering voters in swing states for the past few months, but they both still qualify as my favorite New Yorkers.

What will you be doing during the RNC?
Playing music across the Atlantic, feeling a little bad because I seem to miss all the monumental events of a social or political nature that seem to work as bonding experiences for people who I share some sort of ideological base with, either because of familial responsibility or work.

You hear all the time that ?every vote counts,? but New York State is pretty much of a given to go Democratic in the upcoming election. So? does every vote really count? If you really wanted to make a difference, wouldn?t it make more sense to do something like move to Florida or Ohio?
I?m not in the Electoral College but I?m going to vote against Bush anyway. We'll see if our votes count this time around. Some people are moving to swing states to try to tilt those states away from follly, noble. Have you ever spent any time in Florida? If you have then you know it doesn?t make any sense to even visit.

What would you change about the political system if you could?
Dismantle the Electoral College, dissolve the Senate, put low caps on the amount of money that could be spent on any election. Find the death machine and put a wrench in its works.

Ever had an interesting experience with the NYPD?
A little more than a year ago I was a witness for the defense of two women I saw get manhandled by 8 cops at a protest against the impending war in Iraq. I had to hang out in the lobby with the cop who was threatening anyone who had a camera, he was a total dick (obviously), but when we were in the lobby he was steady, trying to be my buddy. It was so reminiscent of high school social dynamics that I didn?t know whether to laugh or vomit. We won.

A few years before, I was leaving Union Pool at the end of the night in the middle of a snow storm and this cop was trying to get his car out of a snow bank, me and Kish ended up pushing his car and together we got it out after about ten minutes of work, he was really appreciative and not the least bit condescending. It was a very humanizing experience.

Favorite NY eatery?
The Punjabi deli between A and 1st on East Houston. Cheap risky delicious.

Example of something you witnessed or experienced that made you think "only in NY"
Statue of Liberty.

There is a fire in your house and you have 5 minutes to get out , what do you take with you?
Baby girl if she?s visiting. Lover and roommates, but since they are all able bodied adults they could probably manage on there own, unless Frenchie was loaded, then maybe he'd need help. I might be sad but inside I'd be rejoicing that I got rid of all those boxes of bullshit I?ve been carrying around since high school.

It?s 2025, what?s the hot topic around the water cooler?
"At least we don?t have to worry about the rats here like we do in the bread line."

Ed. Note: TV on the Radio is the musical creation of Tunde Adebimpe, Kyp Malone and David Andrew. They have released two critically claimed albums: "Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes" in 2004 (review ) and "Young Liars" in 2003 (review). Their month long European tour, beginning this upcoming Friday, will take them through the UK, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway and France. They will be back in NYC to play Irving Plaza on October 15th.

Interview by Raphie Frank