Kwame and Bill

Oh, thank you, Donald Trump and Mark Burnett - it's just like sweeps night - but in April! Tonight's finale of The Apprentice will not only that someone will get hired but also ensure that The Donald and his questoinable hair stay in the spotlight until next season. (If Donald, George, and Carolyn were basing their decision on hair, they should go with Kwame. As rachelle noted, Bill has to get rid of that flattop.) The final boardroom scene won't be in the basement of Trump Tower but actually at Studio 8H, where Saturday Night Live tapes. That way they can have a studio audience and Horatio Sanz not being able to keep a straight face.

The Post has the inside track on the city's hot The Apprentice finale watching parties, including Kwame's at BLVD. The Post's Linda Stasi also spent the day with The Donald: " I suspect he showers fully clothed in case he needs to run out to a meeting."

Some of The Apprentice girls will be at the Lincoln Center Tower Records tomorrow (Gothamist thinks it's some of the girls who posed for FHM - at least, that's what they told Howard Stern yesterday, besides saying some of them had implants).