Kronos and Krainos

Later this July, a friend's play, Krainos and Kronos will be performed at the Peter Norton Space at 555 West 42nd Street. Written last summer by James Kearney, Kronos and Krainos explores what happens when a young man has a crisis of faith, something that many seem to encounter when caught in the city's rat race, and his journey to find meaning somewhere. What's unique about this tale is that James wrote it while he was fighting primary brain cancer, and even as he underwent all sorts of treatments, he kept on writing, running, living and inspiring all of us. James passed away in March, before seeing his play on stage, but his good friends performed it at his bedside in January.

The staging at Peter Norton Space was arranged by his family and friends who wanted to share the play and his memory with others, as well as being a thank you for the support they've received, so all three performances are free - you just need to reserve at the website.

Show dates:
Peter Norton Space (555 West 42nd Street)

- Friday, July 23, at 8:00PM
- Saturday, July 24, at 8:00PM
- Sunday, July 25, at 2:00PM