Yesterday, beloved Tony-winning star Kristin Chenoweth was injured while filming in Brooklyn. Chenoweth, who just signed on for a role on "The Good Wife," had been shooting scenes for the CBS drama at North 6th St. and Kent Avenue when lighting equipment apparently fell and hit her. TMZ reports, "Kristin immediately fell to the ground ... and smacked her head on the concrete during the fall," and witness said she seemed "knocked out cold... I thought she was dead at first."

The FDNY said that EMT were called to the scene around 5 p.m. The Post's sources say that Chenoweth had a seizure. And TMZ's witness said, "That area is a vortex for wind ... and a big gust of wind blew the lighting off the scaffolding."

Chenoweth, 43, was taken to Bellevue Hospital in a neck brace with minor injuries. A friend told the Post, "She’s doing OK. She’s going to spend the night."