Former Saturday Night Live MVP Kristen Wiig returned to host the show for the second time, and she and the cast delivered a pretty solid show after Dave Chappelle's outstanding episode.

Wiig regaled the audience with a song about the history of Thanksgiving, if you wanted an alternate history that includes aliens and FDR (and Steve Martin and Will Forte). She also brought back a few of her recurring characters—Mindy Elise Grayson on "Secret Word" and Sue, the woman who can't keep a surprise—and joined in Kate McKinnon's recurring cat lady sketch, Whiskers R We.

There was an excellent digital short called "The Bubble" about a bucolic life outside this post-election world; Pete Davidson took time to call Staten Island the "herpes" of New York during Weekend Update; and there was a Target commercial about avoiding reality that many will wish were real. The musical guest was The xx.

SNL is off until December 3rd. The next episode will be hosted Emma Stone and feature music from Shawn Mendes.