Gothamist has been in on this secret for a few weeks now, and since we're not really the type who keeps secrets, it's been killing us- killlllling us! Now that the cat (kat?) is out of the bag, however, we are free to pass on the news to all of our friends: Jason Kottke, the O.G. of blogging, has quit his job, moved to DUMBO, and gone professional. Eschewing advertising, Kottke has gone the PBS (public blogging station?) route- enlisting the support of his loyal readers to support him in 24-7-365 blogging for the next year.

We've been fans of Kottke since the early days of the blog revolution- long before Gothamist pulled itself out of the primordial muck. He's inspired us with his more-than-occasional awesomeness, and keyed us in to many great trends, happenings, and memes. And just think- all of that is from a part-time Kottke- imagine what we're going to get when he's doing his thing full time. So, to support his project, and repay some of the help he's given us, Gothamist will match our reader's donations up to a total of $500 (just put "Gothamist Reader" in the Paypal memo line).

More fun Kottke links: his other site, 0sil8, with the best parody of all time- Megway! Not satisfied yet? How about Kottke pictures on Flickr, including this disturbing gem?