Last night, the premiere of King Kong was held in midtown, but the PR folks also dragged out a huge King Kong model to place in Times Square, probably getting soggy from the snow (we're sure he smelled like a real ape after that). Gothamist has been watching some King Kong coverage lately since we can't escape it, and we have two observations: (1) Damn, did Peter Jackson lose a lot of weight; and (2) Charlie Rose still gives the worst interviews - his interview with Adrien Brody went nowhere in the ten minutes we watched...Antiques Roadshow is more exciting! The Mayor also proclaimed it King Kong Day - what do we do next year to celebrate? Climb the Empire State Building?

The NY Times had an article with some nice photographs from the various King Kong movies from the years yesterday. And we're pretty pro-primate.

Photograph of a sleepy looking King Kong in Times Square from workinpana on Flickr