kobayashixmasfruitcake1208.jpgCompetitive eater Takeru Kobayashi will do what no one wants to do: eat all the leftover holiday fruitcake! This is all part of the Major League Eating’s Holiday Food Bank Giving Initiative; the MLE tells us that "Kobayashi will attempt to break the fruitcake-eating world record, seeking to consume all fruitcake leftover from the holidays. The event is designed to benefit the Food Bank For New York City and to raise awareness of the crisis faced by food banks across the nation in the current economic environment."

Unbelievably, there actually is a current record holder for such a thing—in 2001 Sonya Thomas ate 4 lbs and 14 ¼ ounces of the stuff in 10 minutes, and holds the record to this day. Want to see history go down (and possibly come up)? Stay tuned for photos this Friday, after Kobayashi chows down at Gabriella’s Restaurant on Columbus and 93rd.

This will be Kobayashi's first time trying to down fruitcakes, which the MLE tells us "come from various places, some donated. Most of them are these dense Old Fashion Claxton Fruit Cakes that are like a 1-pound brick of pure fruity cakeness." But where's Joey Chestnut during all of this?