Last night marked the fifth annual HallowMEME Costume Party. What the hell's that, you ask, while massaging Himalaya Hair Loss Cream into your scalp and cranking up Daydream Nation (which just turned 25). According to the essential website Know Your Meme, HallowMEME is "an Internet meme-themed costume contest and party held in New York City during the week of Halloween." It also takes place in Brooklyn. Are you scared yet?

Photographer Katie Sokoler hit the Bell House last night to document the memeorable event, which we're told featured Banksy, Emoji, the Ikea Monkeys, the Starbucks Drake Hands, and the Ylvises... Yeah, we only know what half those memes are, so please click through and tell us what the hell we're looking at in the comments. (Here are some clues.)