2005_11_kitchenconfidential.jpgEveryone is talking about how Fox cancelled Arrested Development (again-- but this time for good.) The Mercury News article about the cancellation also includes some news that will break the heart of many a NYC-foodie:

Also whacked: ``Kitchen Confidential'' -- one of the season's better new comedies -- which followed ``Arrested Development'' on Monday nights. It has also been pulled from November schedule (the two sitcoms will be replaced by repeats of ``Prison Break'') and its final installments will also show up in December. ``Kitchen Confidential'' only got to air three episodes but its audience was even smaller than the one for ``Arrested Development.''

Conventional wisdom says the failure rate for restaurants in the first year is 95%--the real number is closer to 26%-- but in any case, this cancellation didn't strike us as a huge suprise. The real loser here, of course, is our pal Anthony Bourdain-- he's probably going to miss those hefty Fox consulting fees. Oh well, we suppose he'll be all right-- if his book-writing and television careers stall out, he can always go back to actually being a chef.