The big budget spectacle, King Kong, will open in two weeks, and while most of the trailers seem to play up a fight with Godzilla and lots of jungle scenes (Naomi Watts - hot and sweaty!), part of the story does more to New York. Now, director Peter Jackson decided not to film in NYC because finding 1933 New York in today's New York is difficult. (Gothamist sorta buys that, but we actually believe that once you've created Middle Earth, then you've got a god complex.) The NY Post reports at what the King Kong New York, part model, part computer generated, includes:

Depression-era big town, Model T Fords roll through intersections of red and green streetlights (no yellow), blasting that wheezy dying-duck horn and narrowly missing a swarm of jaywalkers.

Stroll along the old-timey storefronts, and you'll pass shops like Flannery Watts Tobacco & Snuff, Kneebone Apothecary for Prescriptions and a Ten Cent Barber shop. There's even an F.S. Huffman Gunsmith, where you can "buy, sell and exchange" firearms. Clearly, this is pre-Giuliani New York.

At Lutzenberg's Meat and Poultry, fake sides of beef (kosher, naturally) hang in the front window - created by Jackson's special effects shop, WETA, from a mold made with a real carcass.

Then there's New York's Finest, who are quick with a poke of the nightstick, shooing along out-of-work protesters with signs proclaiming "No More Hoovervilles" and "Demand Cash Relief."

Which makes Gothamist think that Peter Jackson's fake 1933 New York is more authentic than Chris Columbus's semi-fake 1989 New York in Rent. And we will be there, to see King Kong scale the Empire State Building and knock out elevated trains - will you?

Here is the official King Kong fan site Kong is King, not to be confused with the Kong dog toy. Newsweek had a flattering article about the movie... and even New Yorker Martin Scorsese went overseas for old-timey New Yorker (Rome for Gangs of New York).