via Lime Contracting and Flickr

I have a vivid memory of looking up at the Empire State Building when I was younger and seeing King Kong grasping onto the top, hovering over the busy Manhattan streets. It was 1983, and an inflatable ape was placed on the side of the building in commemoration of the 50th year anniversary of the original film's debut. It was really cool, and could even be seen from New Jersey (as evidenced in this photograph).

At the time, Lime Contracting—who were completing the exterior renovation of the building—was asked by owner Harry Helmsley to participate in "King Kong's 50th Anniversary Return to the Empire State Building." They write, "This turned out to be the largest building mounted balloon in the world... he was a whopping 82 feet high." Along with the big balloon, the lobby had memorabilia on display, as well as a "video disc player" that played the scene of King Kong climbing the building in the movie.

It's now been 80 years since the film's release, and this week marks the 30th anniversary of King Kong being up on the ESB (he was there from April 7th through 15th, 1983)... but he currently has no plans to return. The building's PR firm told us they are "not planning anything for the film’s anniversary this year"—sadly, they also do "not have archival footage or photos of the stunt." Also, they hate fun.