Hey, everybody, a little independent film called Kill Bill, Volume 2, is coming out this Friday. Apparently there's a DVD of DVD of Kill Bill, Volume 1 out there and it really is about killing a guy named Bill - go check out first! Actually, don't bother buying the DVD - there will probably be a souped up version of it later down the road. Yes, Gothamist is a little tired of all the Kill Bill buzz - we're still smarting over the decision to break it up into two movies. This past weekend's Dave Kehr piece about other movie influences in Kill Bill was nice, though.

Other Kill Bill related stuff: Quentin Tarantino will be on American Idol as contestants slaughter/salute movie songs; next, Gothamist expects QT to make an appearance on Hope & Faith as a suitor for Kelly Ripa's Hope. There's the Kill Bill Vol. 2 preview at the Museum of the Moving Image tonight. And Gothamist has this spoilerish non-spoiler: There will be lots of blood, guts, and dying.