When we heard that Disney would be taking a stab at adapting the children's book series, Kiki's Delivery Service, Gothamist had one thought: Watch Hayao Miyazaki's version first. We worry that the film version will star Dakota Fanning (okay, she's talented and has a number one movie under her belt - she's still overexposed) and ruin our memories of the wonderful Miyazaki version.

Kiki's Delivery Service is available on DVD from Amazon and Netflix. If you happen to listen to the English version (vs. Japanese with English subtitles), enjoy Phil Hartman as Kiki's cat Jiji! (And Kirsten Dunst supplies the voice of Kiki.) And other great Miyazaki movies will be issued on DVD in the States soon: Porco Rosso, Nausicaa Valley of the Wind, and The Cat Returns. More about Miyazaki and his oeuvre from Nausicaa.net. And we wish that Margaret Talbot's New Yorker profile of Miyazaki was online, but it isn't; there is an interview with Talbot on the interview, though (super meta-ness from The New Yorker).