NYC's Public Access glory days are behind us, but there's a trio of millennials currently trying to resurrect the passion of Channel J. Nostalgia for an era you never really experienced is truly is a powerful thing.

Instead of mentioning the old guard of beloved public access characters, their Kickstarter pitch video is sprinkled with quick clips featuring Keyboard Cat and Wayne's World, along with declarations that they want to create one ultimate and "curated digital destination" hub.

And is that pizza a reference to how Michael Graves butchered Lelaina Pierce's would-be public access reality television series?


Their overall goal for what they're calling NYCTV is worthy, however—they aim to create "a video-only platform inspired by public access, dedicated to creating, promoting, and distributing video created by New Yorkers." And while this mostly just seems like a curated, NY-centric YouTube channel, it could be pretty cool if done right... though let's not forget that NYC Media, MNN, QPTV, BCAT, SICTV, and BronxNet still exist.

And let's face it, it will never be like it used to be...