Back in June Gothamist's favorite radio station, KEXP, came for a week long visit as it broadcasted live out of the Museum of Television & Radio. At that time we had a chance to sit and chat with morning deejay extroidanaire John Richards. Very (very) early in the morning, mind you. We also got a chance to catch some great bands in the intimate in-studio performance space. KEXP never ceases to amaze us with what it can pull off with no commercial sponsorship, and that's why we love it and we want to tell you more about read about our chat with the man himself here.

Next week KEXP and John are back in town for CMJ and more broadcasts from the MTR. We want to make sure you know all about the events they'll be sponsoring...

2004_10_artskexplogo.jpgYou can sign up for free in-studio performances right on their website, but do it now before they're all booked up! (Imagine seeing the Decemberists or Sufjan Stevens in a tiny little space with a few dozen others!)

Don't miss the KEXP Listener Party with one hour open bar and James Iha spinning tunes.

And of course there's a number of showcases (you know, it being the week of CMJ and all) that you can check out as well.

Can't wait until next week for the music orgy that is CMJ? Let the sound invade your ears and listen to KEXP now!