Kevin Drew, Musician

kevin%20drew1.jpgKevin Drew (myspace) is one of the founding members by the wildly successful Canadian art-rock collective Broken Social Scene. The daring, inventive band boasts a fluctuating roster of artists who shift in and out of the line-up depending on their various other musical pursuits; another BSS member, Leslie Feist, is currently absorbed with her suddenly massive solo career, which exploded into mainstream America after her song “1 2 3 4” became an iPod commercial. As for Drew, he’s currently on tour supporting a rather spellbinding new album that features contributions from – you guessed it – a variety of BSS members. We spoke with Drew recently about the new album, but the conversation ultimately drifted to music licensing and the twin black holes of George Bush and Rudolph Giuliani. Drew and his tight band play Webster Hall tonight; Brooklyn Vegan reports that the band will be rounded out by special guests J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr), Scott Kannberg (Pavement), James Shaw (Metric) and Emily Haines (Metric). (Tickets.)

Your new album is called Broken Social Scene Presents: Kevin Drew Spirit If… It’s a solo album, except it’s not. I’m confused. Well, it is a solo album to me but I just have lots of people come and play on it. I made this record with Charles Spearin and Ohad Benchetrit. And in doing that it already had me close to the way I’ve always made records. I’ve made seven records and all of them have been with Charles Spearin. Inevitably while you’re recording over a period of two years you end up asking some of your friends in, and once you ask some of them in you end up asking them all. And that’s how it ended up being sort of my take on the idea of the music I love within the Broken Social Scene thing we have going on.

And then you’re playing songs from Spirit If... at Webster Hall, but you won’t be alone, right? From Broken Social Scene I have Brendan [Canning] and Justin [Peroff], the dynamic duo, the rhythm section from hell. And then I’ve got some new people; Andrew Kenny from American Analog Set, a gentleman by the name of Sam Goldberg and a kid named Mitch Bowden who is replacing our lead guitarist who broke his collarbone while we were in Europe.

How did that happen? Freak sporting accident. I can’t really get into it due to all the lawyers involved. [Laughs.] I’m kidding, I just don’t want to talk about it, it upsets me when I talk about it.

What does the chorus “You’re too beautiful to fuck” [from the song Tbtf on Spirit If…] mean to you? To me? I love how it means two things, but for me it always means you’re too beautiful to fuck up, you’re too beautiful to hurt and destroy and be a part of something negative in life. I also like the idea that you’re too beautiful to actually touch.

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