While not as well known as The Rachel on Friends, Felicity Porter's haircut—which came in the second season of the beloved television program Felicity—has left its imprint in the landscape of Big TV Moments. There's a whole Wikipedia section about it, in fact, breaking "the haircut incident" down:

In the summer of 1999, after filming the first season, Felicity star Keri Russell—known for what The NY Times described as "that glorious head of voluminous golden backlit hair"—sent the show's producers a photo wearing a short-haired wig. They panicked before learning that it was a joke but then suggested to the actress that a new hairstyle would be appropriate.

After being shifted from Tuesday nights to Sunday nights (WB's weakest night) for the 1999-2000 season, the ratings for Felicity declined immediately. This decline occurred before the hair-style change, but the later hair-style change became conflated by some of the public and by some of the popular press and network executives with this earlier event and thus incorrectly blamed the earlier ratings drop partly on the later new hairstyle. After the negative reaction Russell rejected wearing extensions or a wig while her hair grew back. Although storytelling and time-slot changes had already created a ratings decline, a network executive said WB actors' future hair changes would "be given more thought at the network than it previously would have."

References to the actress cutting her hair have turned up all over the place throughout the years—30 Rock, Buffy, Gilmore Girls, and a ton of other shows have helped solidify its pop culture significance. And guess what? We're still talking about it...

Russell, who now sports many hairstyles on The Americans, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday night with her old Felicity co-star (and former on-and-off-screen boyfriend) Scott Speedman, who says the look had "a chia pet vibe."

Relive the haircut moment all over again, here: