Kendall Jenner, the Kardashian half-sister who just seems to keep finding weird money-related controversies, stepped in it again this weekend when she went to Baby's All Right and didn't tip her server.

Don't forget to tip your bartender :)

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The Williamsburg venue used the receipt from Jenner's visit with a blank "TIP" line as a PSA, reminding guests "Don't forget to tip your bartender ::smiley face::" next to a picture of the receipt.

The comments section of the Instagram post has, of course, devolved into an argument about whether this was "cool" move by Baby's, which, of course it was. Until the system in which bartenders and servers make less than $10 an hour and hustle for tips is dismantled, it will always be "cool" to punch up at heartless celebs who can't even throw 20 percent, or at least a couple bucks per drink, on top of their bill.