There's been a lot of drama in the morning television talk show world, what with Michael Strahan bailing on Live! With Kelly and Michael for Good Morning America and Kelly Ripa not taking it...well. Ripa's been hiding out since ABC announced Strahan would be making the move, but it appears both co-hosts will be back on Tuesday. That should be interesting.

The drama all started last Tuesday, when ABC announced Strahan, who has been a GMA correspondent for two years, would be moving to the show full-time. Ripa said she was "blindsided" and "betrayed" by Strahan's move (and how it was handled by the station) and didn't come into work the next day. She's reportedly been in Turks & Caicos for her anniversary for the last few days, and there was concern she might not return—but officials say both she and Strahan will be back on Tuesday. In an email to staffers, Ripa wrote:

Sorry for this late Friday night email. I wanted to thank you all for giving me the time to process this new information. Your kindness, support, and love has overwhelmed me. We are a family and I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday morning. Love, Kelly.

It's not clear how Tuesday will go—earlier this week, People reported that ABC didn't think Strahan and Ripa would ever be able to work together again, with a source pointing out that " Practically, it's a different dynamic now."

Officials are also apparently worried that Ripa might "do an Ann Curry" and go rogue on air on Tuesday, but at least that'll make daytime television interesting.