The NYPL's smoking section

Probably anyone would put their money on an orchid outliving Keith Richards... but it turns out if that orchid is sharing a room with Richards, he's got the advantage. Recently the Rolling Stone was giving a talk at the New York Public Library, and before he went on he lit a cigarette up "backstage" (classic Keith). Turns out the backstage was actually the Cullman Center's Deputy Director Marie d’Origny's office, and, well:

[Keith] grabbed the clay saucer underneath the orchid for a makeshift ash tray. He then asked for the window to be open, sending a chill through the office. Between the cold and the smoke, the little orchid never stood a chance. RIP, sweet flower. The good news is Keith felt sort of bad about smoking in the first place and signed the “ash tray” without anyone asking.

And yet we were kicked out of the lobby for eating a croissant?!