The HulkFor the Stupid Annals: Someone who worked at the ad agency that handles Universal Studios' advertising gave an early, pre-release copy of The Hulk to a friend. Who gave it to another friend. Who put it on the Internet. Kerry Gonzalez, the 25-year old NJ man who posted the film on the Internet, pled guilty, giving Universal this victory in piracy matters. This is what led to lots of fans complaining about the quality of special effects in the workprint (no matter critics were bitching about them in the final version anyway). Gonzalez faces up to 3 years in prison and a $250,000 fine, and is "tired and exhausted" according to his lawyer. The Financial Times says a "digital 'tag' inserted into the movie helped authorities to bring Mr Gonzalez to justice just three weeks after he committed the crime."

Universal refuses to name which ad agency handles/mishandles their advertising.

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