So that pink-haired woman at Zuccotti Park yesterday was not just any another digital age hippie—it was actually platinum-selling singer Katy Perry, the latest celebrity to visit NYC's hottest tourist destination. Russell Simmons, the benevolent entrepreneur-quasi-patron of the movement, Tweeted, "Look who's @ the protest. @katyperry and her husband what's his name. :-) send him a hey russell."

Earlier this week, Perry told her Twitter followers, "this is happening:"—referring to her husband Russell Brand's visit to Occupy Wall Street. She followed up, "i know my hubby @rustyrockets is there now...still... reppin us both! Tell him to call his wife if you see him! lolz." Brand, the hit-or-miss British comedian, posted his thoughts about the movement on his website:

One of the movement’s significant principles is that there are no appointed leaders. That said, there are more experienced and pragmatic inhabitants to whom Daniel and I chatted. We were given a tour of the site and in spite of the lashing rain and gales, which I, of course regarded as the winds of change and cleansing rain, all we encountered were bonhomous and welcoming. Much more than I’d anticipated. Let’s face facts, one of the campaign’s few edicts is to provide the unrepresented 99% with a voice, had I, when I fitted into that demographic, chanced upon a touring celebrity I would have used that voice to tell him to fuck off, no matter how nice his scarf was.

Perhaps it is this ambience of inclusion, of acceptance and indeed of love that has brought #OccupyWallStreet such success. There is a remarkable absence of anger and resentment which is why the movement resonates so deeply. Is this movement’s implicit goal to reengage our humanity? To reach beyond the political, the national and other illusory, temporary concepts and into our true, spiritual nature?

And get this—Perry and Brand went to Zuccotti Park on their...bikes! Anyway, so when is Snoop heading there?