From Perry's Teenage Dream album cover (by Will Cotton)

Next month Ms. Katy Perry will take the stage at Nassau Coliseum during her Teenage Dream Tour... and the Smoking Gun has the 45-page rider that's coming with her. Some of the lavish requests include a spacious dressing room that's "piped or draped in cream or soft pink" (tip to venues: no fabric is specified, use polyester!). She also wants lots of pretty flowers (orchids, hydrangeas, peonies)... but absolutely NO CARNATIONS, or she'll likely have your head. The rest is pretty standard for a crazy, ego-maniacal pop star: baby wipes (for this?), pinot grigio, some sort of diet drink, crudites, oh and this 23-point list of instructions for the chauffeur, who must never ever look at the pop tartlet.

The real gem is at the end, however, where there's some shady business going on detailing how her personal manager has the right to withhold and resell tickets via a reseller like StubHub. And by the way, he's keeping the money. Sounds vaguely familiar.