Katie Holmes continued her "Yes, I'm divorcing Tom Cruise" public tour by heading to the Children's Museum of Arts in West Soho/Hudson Square with daughter Suri. And about a half dozen guards.

Yesterday, Holmes was out and about at Whole Foods (she even spoke to a Daily News reporter) and in the East Village on Tuesday. Radar Online reports that her "parents are being appraised hourly of her physical location by Katie herself or BY her bodyguards." A source explains:

Katie's father and mother are in constant communication with their daughter. They are being told what she is doing and where she is with Suri. One of Katie's bodyguards is also calling her father throughout the day and night to inform him of Katie and Suri's physical location and there is an electronic security log that Katie's parents receive that is updated hourly.

Katie is taking these extraordinary measures for obvious reasons. She knows now that in the eyes of Scientology she is the enemy. Her father advised her to spare no expense in hiring the best security team possible. Katie has no plans of living like a recluse, she is going out in public with Suri, just as she normally would, just with a few more bodyguards now.

Obviously! And staying in the public eye ensures that the paparazzi would catch sight of any alleged Scientologist spies/would-be kidnappers! Of course, the controversial religion has denied spying on Holmes and pro-Tom sources insist the divorce is not about Scientology. Still, the former Dawson's Creek starlet dumped her old, Tom-era security team.

Her fellow residents in her new Chelsea building, the Chelsea Mercantile at 252 Seventh Avenue, aren't very happy. One told the Daily Beast, "Some people feel that she owes the building an apology. People’s holidays are being ruined because they can’t get their cars out of the garage!"

Yet there's one happy with the media attention: Christopher Hyland is selling his $22 million apartment in the building. His broker Ryan Serhant told The Real Deal, "We went from showing once or twice a week to five showings today, four on Thursday and seven on Friday so far. We may even have an open house this weekend, just to handle the traffic." Serhant also claims all potential buyers are being vetted, so stalkers should just stick to the sidewalk.