If you've dumped your movie icon husband, moved into a secret apartment, and fired your old security guards, how do you celebrate July 4th? By going to the Whole Foods near your new pad! The Daily News caught Katie Holmes and Suri today, and got a quote from the Dawson's Creek cutie: "I'm all right. Thank you."

The News give us the information we wanted: "Holmes flashed a grin as she strolled the aisles of a Whole Foods grocery store in Chelsea and picked up the ingredients for a Fourth of July feast: ground beef, hamburger rolls, strawberries and bananas." The mother and daughter had ice cream in the East Village yesterday. Wow, we bet Tom Cruise is pretty upset isn't there for the grub!

Pro-Holmes sources (and who isn't Team Katie—even Rupert Murdoch is!) tell the News, "She's not going to hide. She's going to live her life"—even though she's allegedly freaked out by the maybe-Scientologists following her—and "[She's] doing as well as can be expected. Her attitude is really unbelievable." Yeah, it's incredible she's been able to be so brave after Tom nixed plans for the Dawson's Creek reunion.

Apparently Holmes, aided by her father, had working on the divorce for a while: A source tells People, "Her inner circle has been planning this and switching out cell phones since she was in China [in mid-June]. When new cell phones arrived, then nobody could reach her. Her old best friends from last week don't have her new number, no email. She's unreachable." Also, the source says of the move to the Chelsea Mercantile building, "She said she moved there to drive into the underground garage. There are fewer paparazzi and it's less intrusive for her. It was the first phase of getting everything out of the house, and that's why she was able to say she's moving without giving an indication that she was going to divorce him."

Holmes caused a stir in China, sparking questions about whether she was there, when she uploaded a bunch of photographs of herself in Beijing. Alas, they were from that June trip.