Katie Couric will uproot from the early morning crowds of the Today Show at Rockefeller Center to a few blocks away to Black Rock (the CBS headquarters) by the end of May, as she announced she is leaving NBC to be the CBS Evening News anchor. She made the announcement during the Today show, although it's the only thing people have been talking about for a while. At any rate, it's the big news of the day at CBSandNBC; the different sites have the same video from this morning, where she looks very blown out and possibly chinless. Anyway, now, Couric won't be able to have her home redecorated or reorganized during spring cleaning segments, but Gothamist wonders if she'll take CBS viewers on trips to her GI doctor's office. NBC is reportedly close to signing Meredith Vieria to be the new Today show anchor (if you're gonna chose one person from The View, we guess she's the best choice, but we've grown pretty fond of Natalie Morales). Couric will also be working on 60 Minutes, which instantly makes the warhorse program more demographic friendly (younger and more women, probably).

What do you think of Katie moving networks? Will you miss her on the Today show? While Gothamist feels we've been more tolerant of Couric than our friends, who cringe at her, we can't say that we'll necessarily miss her. What does strike us as interesting is that Couric doesn't have the hard news, in-the-field reporting background that all the old anchors had... a female reporter who does is Christiane Amanpour, but we live in a different age.