Whether she scammed her way into your heart or your murder fantasies, Kari Ferrell has made a name for herself by lying, cheating and loving men with beards. After six months in jail, the "Hipster Grifter" is out on the streets again, and this time making a new name for herself all over the internet. We decided to ask her some questions about her new life, and in true grifter style she toes the line between attention-hungry and sincere. We'll leave the final verdict up to you, readers. But watch out, because now she knows how to hotwire a car.

What were you thinking when you first started "grifting"? When I initially started scamming people, I convinced myself that by the time the checks bounced I would have the proper amount of scrilla to pay them back, or if nothing else that I could trade sexual favors for more time. When the time came around, I never had the money, and would dole out excuse after excuse to save face. Eventually all of my lies caught up with me, and everyone knows what happened after that.

When that Observer article came out, did you know you were done? I didn't think that this story would be such a big deal, and I still can't fathom why it is. My assumption was that the story would run its course (a couple of weeks, at most), die down, and then I could get on with my life. At that time I wasn't sure of what course of action I was going to take; so didn't necessarily think that the story would culminate with me spending six months in the clink, even though I knew that is what needed to be done.

How was jail? Did you actually learn anything from the experience? I learned how to hotwire a car in forty-seven seconds, and how to go to the bathroom in public. And they say that jail doesn't rehabilitate—ha! Seriously though, I learned what it's like to be taken away from everything that you love, and how to accept the consequences for one's misguided decisions.

Think you'll resume your old ways? First of all, even if I was, do you think I would tell you? Secondly, no, never. Not only because I'm trying to stay on the straight and narrow, but because I don't even think I could jay-walk at this point, without someone finding out.

Did you ever actually like any of the guys you scammed? Yes, and that's the terrible thing. I felt genuine attraction and admiration for all of the friends that I hurt. Coincidentally, I was only dating one of them, and didn't actually commit any crimes anywhere besides Utah.

Why do you think those guys fell for your stories? Like I said, it wasn't just "those guys" but genuine friends, and I think that is your answer. These people truly cared about my well-being, and had my best interest in mind, at all times.

How do you feel about the term "hipster"? I like the origin of the word, and don't even really have a problem with the contemporary meaning. People concentrate on labels a little too much, and I find it silly that they get so up in arms over certain words. Who cares? Wait, that's just the hipster in me coming out.

How did you get the Animal New York column going? Why do you think you're qualified for that over someone who is maybe more qualified? I don't think that I'm qualified! There are much better writers out there, I just so happen to bring in the web traffic. I think it's because I regularly post photos of my tits.

Have you decided if you're going to do porn? The people have spoken, now we'll see if I listen to them.

How are you handling your new "celebrity"? Are you going to try to parlay it into a career? As I said before, it's interesting to me that people even care. I recently did a Q&A for Gawker, not expecting much, but had over five hundred questions submitted, and over 29,000 page views. If it sounds like I'm talking myself up, it's because I am. It's strange knowing that at any time, someone can and very well will submit a "Kari Ferrell sighting" to Stalker, and that if I end up blowing a bearded boy in the restroom, everyone's going to know about it. As far as using it to advance my "career," well, a girl's got to make money the legitimate way sometimes, right?

Any new tattoos planned? I want to get a Wu-Tang themed burrito.

So are you living in New York now? Where, and how do you like it? Yes, back in an undisclosed area that has an American Apparel within five minutes of it, a fair-trade coffee place next door, and an abundance of beards. Basically Heaven.