2005_01_salmansohn_large.jpgProlific author Karen Salmansohn is an inspiration. I met her recently, and her positivity can convert the most jaded of New Yorkers---especially fellow writers.

The Basics.
Astrological Sign.
Leo the lioness..explains my wild hair I guess...

Day job.
Day job: Writer/book packager. Night job: writer/book packager.
Midnight to 3am job: writer/bookpackager.
It's all I do...and I feel really lucky, because I really do have fun
doing it. That's the secret to my work ethic: I'm having fun working on books so I love working on books!

Where did you grow up and where do you live now?
I'm still growing up...so that's a trick question. :-)
But...I was born/raised in Phillie, and I now live in Chelsea in New York City.

Two For YOU.
How do you stay discipline and focused to write over 27 books?
Coffee. Lots of it. Oh...and I love what I do. Caffeine + passion = 27 books.

What's a quick and dirty cure for writer's block?
Read something you love...it makes you remember why you love
writing...and is very motivational...and jump starts numb brain cells
to feel perky again.

Since You have written a lot of self-help/humor books like How to Be Happy Dammit, what do you suggest people do to keep New Year's resolutions?
Well... I literally "wrote the book" on that question. In November I had my newest "dammit" book come out (the sequel to HOW TO BE HAPPY, DAMMIT) called ENOUGH DAMMIT...and in it I reveal the secret to dumping bad patterns for good. Basically, I believe you first must become aware of negative childhood brainwashing...or what I call BRAINDIRTYING because your lens to the world gets dirtied with negative beliefs that you must wipe clean before you can see clearly how you can get the life you want! Secondly, you must understand another reason why bad habits form, a theory a la Carl Jung, who believes that our lives need meaning and purpose, and if we dont have meaning/purpose we get an addiction/bad habit instead...so we can create drama/conflict...AND THEN THEREBY BELIEVE OUR LIVES HAVE EXCITEMENT/IMPORTANCE. Addictions/bad habits according to Carl Jung are "LOW LEVEL SPIRITUAL QUESTS." The good news: You can dump bad habits/addictions by developing a HIGH LEVEL DREAM QUEST...a driving force that drives you forward with excitement..so your brain has something new to obsess about in swap for that bad habit/addiction you're now about to dump! LSO...besides swapping a low level spiritual quest for a high level Dream Quest. You need to swap some other beliefs/negative patterns. FOR EXAMPLE: You need to swap a negative/closed mind for a positive/open mind and seek alternate meaning for past pain, failure, scarcity. You need to swap blame for self-responsibility. You need to swap doubt for faith. You need to swap apathy/laziness for enthusiastic discipline that you are gonna snag everything you dream about snagging! FINALLY: YOU GOT START SAYING "ENOUGH DAMMIT" every time you feel tempted to pursue that bad habit/addiction. INDEED: Make "Enough Dammit" your new mantra for 2005!

What is the best improvement to New York City in the last year?
I love the little SHAKE SHACK in the park in Madison Ave. It's a great way for busy stressed out people in 9 to 5 jobs (or even us writer girls) to get outside and smell a tree during a busy workday...while eating something yummy for lunch. They also have sundaes for doggies called POOCHINI's so you get people with cute dogs flocking...and so the atmosphere is very friendly and happy and open and conversational...it brings out the best of New Yorkers in New Yorkers!

How many takeout menus would you guess that you have in your

I'm lucky I live near Whole Foods...so if I'm hungry I can walk in there and grab something yummy...already made...or make it myself. I love to cook. I make a killer marinara sauce.

What's the best place in New York for semi-public sex?
My shower in my bathroom. I have a window in there...I'm way up high on the 32nd floor...so I feel private...however...if anybody has a pair of really strong binoculars...well...

If you could revoke a famous New Yorker's citizenship, who would it be?
I love New York..and I accept the the good with the bad...It's a city of extremes...so even if someone's misbehaving they're supplying local entertainment...

What is your favorite subway stop?
I met a longterm boyfriend Josh while taking a subway at Union Square to Astoria when I was a programming consultant for Lifetime TV. We started speaking at Union Square. he got out at 42nd street. And when I walked into my office at Lifetime the phone was ringing...and it was him. We dated for a year. That was subway fare money well spent!

Complete this sentence: "2005 will be known as the year of the _____".
2005 will be known as the year of people finally slowing down and
relaxing a bit more dammit! (Or so I hope. Our world has speeded up so much, i hope there's more emphasis on enjoying what really matters in life...connecting with people we love ...in person...and not just by cellphone and internet!)