Kara Walker at MOMA in 2010. (Getty)

Important Artist Of Our Era Kara Walker—who even Banksy paid homage to during his residency here last year—is taking over the 90,000-square-foot Domino Sugar refinery in May of this year. A heart-stopping combo! Creative Time, which has taken over the building before, sent out a press release with some details, noting this is a new commission by Walker, which is her first large-scale public installation, and will create "a perfect marriage between artist and site."

"Opening on May 10, Walker’s physically and conceptually expansive installation will represent a major departure from her practice to date. In both form and content, it promises to be an eye-opening experience for both those who are familiar with her work and those who are new to it. Walker has never shirked controversy or provocation as she delves deep into the issues and ideas that make us who we are today, and her installation at Domino will explore a radical range of subject matter, including but not limited to the history of sugar and its many implications."

KWALKINSPIR14.jpgWalker's inspiration for the installation. (Courtesy of Creative Time)

While no visuals are available yet, Creative Time did send us the above, which they say does "not represent the actual work, but are rather part of the assemblage of images, textures, words, and ideas that Kara has gathered as she develops the work; kind of an image and idea bank, if you will."