While spotting celebrities on the subway reveals how celebs are Just Like Us, usually the famous people remain oblivious (or pretend to be) that anyone is gawking at their manspreading, transit etiquette or ability to look exactly as you'd imagine them. But Kal Penn, actor and former White House staffer, just can't not notice things.

On an evening rush hour train yesterday, Penn spotted a woman taking a middle-of-the-subway car selfie:

And he found her on Twitter:

Here are Lydia's Tweets:

Chrissy Teigen (of course!) had thoughts:

Poor Chrissy Teigen. Lydia was sad:

But then later made the most of it:

When @kalpenn calls you out 😂📸

A photo posted by Lydia (@lyddiemarie13) on

It seems that Lydia was in town for the National Model United Nations—awww! She'll soon be back in Ohio bragging about being shamed on a NYC subway like a true New Yorker.